Waiting for the Führer

Waiting for the Führer

Postprzez yoshin » N sty 10, 2016 10:54 pm

“Is it the end of the world as we know it?” that question comes to mind when looking
at the current situation in Europe and around the world. Some people concerned about
what is going on and inspired by ‘religious’ beliefs are waiting for some kind of outwardly messiah
who is supposed to sort out all human problems.
What about a real human, honest man with human attributes, not a mystic or fantasizer but
a practical person offering rational and effective solutions? – a Führer!

‘Democracy’ as a sensible political system is dead and the alternative has to be found.
‘Majority’, as exemplified by few drug or alcohol effected halfwits, cannot stand in the way
of a single, sensible person.
The choice is between the current road to induced slavery and noble freedom.

As the fresh examples of Iraq and Libya prove decisively, a benevolent ‘dictator’ is a better option
for ordinary people and a country itself than the rule of thieves, murderers and robbers.
More Belorusians are happy with their leader than people in France, Germany or Poland.

Even looking at North Korea – do you know of any other example of a country so impoverished
by economic sanctions and still being capable of maintaining decent life
for own people and making industrial and social progress?
Yes, being able to build atomic weapons, as the effective defensive deterrent, is the sign of not only
technological capabilities but also patriotic dedication and unity of people.

There is a common trail about the above examples – none of those leaders can be accused of stealing
from own people to enrich himself! This has to be kept in comparison with eg.‘dictators’
of central America variety, who are basically bosses of criminal Mafias.

There are scouts (jewish and aligned with y-elites) who are snooping at every organization looking for
the potential leaders who are then manipulated or blackmailed into cooperation, openly bribed or
(when it does not work) labelled as this or that, what is promoted as ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’,
‘undemocratic’, etc, and removed from public attention.
The Fuhrer, potentially, can be among the last group and surely he will not be among the existing group
of ‘establishment’.

He is likely not to be an ‘educated’ person in academic sense with some empty titles.
Natural intelligence, common sense, honesty, determination and personal courage are more important.
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Re: Waiting for the Führer

Postprzez Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » N gru 25, 2016 2:10 pm

Don't worry,I'm coming.:)

On 18 of January 2017 I will celebrate the end of my parole and soon after I.m flying to Poland.
And then ,like 100 years ago we will try to get free again.
Wiser this time,with a society more educated it will be much harder for Jewish manipulators to stop us.
During last 30 years people learned how to smell jewish rat in political events and be more cautious in their reactions.

2018 is the crucial time.
I hope to see you all under ours"Free Poland " banners.

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Jerzy Ulicki-Rek
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Re: Waiting for the Führer

Postprzez Cezary Zbikowski » N lut 18, 2018 1:21 am

Who knows...maybe I will join the action in Poland.......
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Cezary Zbikowski
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